Favorite Hot Peppers Sauces for You to Taste Better

Whether pepper is growing seeds or simply purchasing hot peppers sauces, here are ten kinds of hot peppers you might want to try.

  1. Chile Peppers Sauces: Chile is a very generic term and can be almost any type of pepper. We will be talking about the ones that are usually known as Chile Peppers in the United States. Chile Peppers three or four inches broad and vary in size long. They are a cone shape and may be picked red or green. Their warmth varies from mild to hot, since there are many distinct kinds.
  2. Cayenne Peppers Sauces: Cayenne Peppers are thin and long with a form that is crinkled. They are reaching three to five inches and about the thickness of a pencil. They are bright red in color when mature and very hot. These are the peppers widely utilized in cooking.
  3. Jalapeno Peppers: Jalapeno Peppers are new in Salsas or the ones pickled for Nachos. They are selected green but can be chosen red. They have a cone form and are about one inch wide and three or four inches long. Their warmth ranges from mild to hot depending upon the variety.Hot Peppers
  4. Yellow Wax or Hot Banana Yellow Wax Peppers Sauces are sweet peppers using a medium heat. They are terrific for adding a little spice to stews and soups. They are four to eight inches in length and two to four inches wide. They are picked yellow, but may be picked red.
  5. Hot Cherry Peppers Sauces: Hot Cherry Peppers served and are pickled with salads. They are three inches in diameter, round in shape and about two or moderate heat. Pick on them red and green for a jar of pickled peppers.
  6. Pablano Peppers Sauces: Pablano Peppers are the pepper. They are red or dark green and medium hot. They are approximately four inches broad, and five or six inches long and have a cone shape.
  7. Pepperoncini Peppers Sauces: Pepperoncini Peppers are the salad peppers of the Greeks and Italians. They are yellowish green or light green in color. They range to six or five inches in length and are about one inch wide. They have a form that is crinkled.
  8. Thai Hot Sauces: Thai Hot Peppers are very sexy, although small. These peppers are the warmth in a lot of Thai cooking. They are used both fresh and dried and are chosen red.
  9. Scotch Bonnet or Orange Habanero Sauces: Orange Habanero Peppers in the world which can be used to make Hot sauce recipes. They are one inch wide and about two inches long. They may be when orange or picked green. If you can stand the heat they add Salsas and taste.
  10. Caribbean Red Sauces: Caribbean Red Peppers are linked to Orange Habaneros. They have the size and shape but ripen to red. They are hot sauce recipes as sexy as their Orange Habenaro cousins.