All modern religions started in new age

The disarray among and between the individuals who lecture the gospel or some other principle is shocking. Like the dispersal of qualities into new territories they have each produced a sub-types of a similar reasoning while at the same time keeping up enough attributes to recognize their birthplace. The religion from which they flourished started in Babylon and sun-love. In spite of the fact that refinement of and proceeded with changes to doctrine and different things has been dynamic after some time the fundamental equation remains. It incorporates a male god, faith in paradise and heck, discussed supplications, veneration of icons, prophets as instructors, and blowouts and celebrations. There are a bigger number of likenesses than contrasts among religions and boss among them is the need to assemble crowds and power them to remain inside the limits set by the framework that controls their lives. While many cannot see things along these lines it is on the grounds that they are programmed and live inside networks where everybody thinks the same as the blinding and stunning to the truth is the key.

world of religion

Indoctrinating into confidence is the way to strict achievement. Connection to the minister, cleric, emir, or rabbi, adds to it also. Advancing dreams of a superb realm where all that will be extravagance and harmony is available to pretty much everybody’s courtesy as most need what they cannot have in life when they go past the grave and get latest news about Shincheonji. The realities are, in any case, this is a stunt to get individuals in. Because of my rebirth the information carried with me demonstrates that paradise and damnation are non-existent weapons utilized by strict gatherings to accumulate assemblages and forestall their leaving. Damnation is a weapon of fear that compromises the individuals who see through the creed. The dangers and condemnations against them are regularly similar to bolts shot through their heart. That is particularly the situation if different individuals from the crowd are prohibited from having correspondence with them.

My examination shows the parent of all strict sections was Babylon where sun-love was the goal. Ziggurats were developed to permit the presence of the sun-star, named Mari, which deciphers as Mother’s Powerful Eye and is Mary in English. This city was fabricated and involved by the Amor’s who assaulted and attacked all nations all through the Mesopotamia district, including Egypt, before showing up in Italy where they assembled Roma Rome, the converse of Amor. Here they turned into the Romans and restored their savage ways as they assembled the biggest domain ever. One of their numbers was Constantine who set up the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD on Islamic standards. Jerome arranged the New Testament toward the finish of the fourth CAD and distributed it alongside his interpretation of the Septuagint as the Vulgate.