Singapore Employee Appreciation – For Maximum Client Satisfaction Impact

Employee Appreciation

We tend to take Those nearest to us. Our workers are seen by us day and after a while we start to lose touch with the fact that they prefer to be thanked sometimes. So, how do you show your employees that your love all that they do? Consider these tips as part of your employee appreciation effort:

  • Employee incentives. Reward a day of personal services, or those who reach their goals dinners out, a day off with pay.
  • Recognition of successes. Can it be a bulletin board at the lunch area, or a business dinner, let your employees know that you need to share their success and use them. Recognition is a prime motivator for all, so praise them publicly and frequently. Tell them you notice.
  • Training programs. Let your workers know that you would like to continue to help them grow and grow. Encourage them to benefit from training programs within their field of expertise and be certain that your human resource department is providing the basics like communication skills, phone etiquette, basic sales skills, customer service excellence, leadership, diversity, etc.
  • Employee surveys. You ask your clients what they think through applications like customer surveys and mystery shopping, so think about surveying your employees. Consider the value of employee surveys to gauge employee satisfaction and then be ready to act on the comments you get.

Clients have a high degree of Sensitivity in regards to how happy your employee appreciation. Your client would not be if your employees are not happy. Take a while to show your employees you care. Your efforts will be rewarded as you see your customer satisfaction, a thousand fold and gain levels soar.