Find Out How To Choose A Reliable Office Cleaning Company

An office cleaning company can make or break your company’s productivity and image. So how do you find a reliable office cleaning service? Recruiting an experienced, professional office cleaner is the first step, followed by setting clear expectations in your contract. Here are some tips for selecting the ideal¬†office cleaning services in Denver, CO company for your business.

Training and Experience

All professional cleaners must receive extensive training at a school or training facility that holds both license and accreditation from the state. The curriculum includes classroom learning as well as on-the-job experience as well as management mentoring.

Employee Screening

Professional cleaners use their experience to gain insight into the clients they work with. Cleaners who lack warmth and respect will quickly leave your company without anyone to help you clean. Furthermore, professionals take pride in their public image and character – thus they expect a clean office before beginning their work.


Professional cleaners must adhere to the standards outlined in your contract. Without specific instructions regarding how your office should be cleaned, chances are you’ll be dissatisfied with the results.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Professional cleaners typically charge by the hour, which is common in their industry. Effective contracts outline how often your office will be cleaned as well as whether or not you need replacement supplies on a regular basis.

Additional Services

Professional cleaners can clean your restrooms, remove trash and recycle, as well as provide an overall tidy office space. However, it’s essential to note that without asking for these services you cannot guarantee them. Utilizing an office cleaning company may take some getting used to at first but ultimately it is a wise investment in both your business and image; leave the dirty work up to professionals.

Referrals and Background Check

Professional cleaners typically offer a list of references from several past customers. It is wise to reach out and inquire about how the cleaning process worked for them. An office cleaning company with no complaints should be put on your short list.

Insurance and Bonding

Professional cleaners possess insurance and bonding coverage that safeguards your business in case an accident or injury does occur during their cleaning time at your establishment. Professional cleaners adjust their procedures based on the condition of the building, often working in areas you might not think to clean yourself. Failure to require this level of coverage could result in subpar quality service and disgruntled customers.

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