Get updated cabinets to keep your important files

Today, everything has gone digital and it has made people rely on gadgets to save any kind of crucial or confidential files. Although our smartphone can save and keep documents safely, it is not a safe option after all as mobile phones are vulnerable to viruses and anything can spoil the whole system at once. Well, these are small documents that can be carried with us anywhere we go. Now, what about bigger or physical possessions, items, documents, and other important files?

Everything needs to be kept in a safe place where it can be there secured. Just like how people keep their ornaments safely, every important item should be considered in the same way. For the same, we have a digital deposit safe box Singapore provided by FileDex.

The firm was started in 1995 and since then they have been committed to delivering excellent service to the people who are in need of safe boxes to keep their belongings safe and secured. You might think of various alternative options, but nothing comes close to the cabinets that are provided by FileDex.

What is it about?

The firm has many of Singapore’s top brands in stock and it helps people to choose the best among the leading brands. All these provide high-security safes that have innovative designs and options for optimal security and protection. Their latest product is the digital deposit safe box Singapore that suits a variety of applications. These are ideal for shops, restaurants, and other small to medium outlets. This has an updated keypad system that allows people to have their personal code.

What are the features?

  • This Eagle electronic safe is high security, fire-resistant that is made for the protection of valuables and documents of the people.
  • The keypad is programmable with 2 different user codes that will lock automatically after 5 wrong attempts.
  • It is designed and constructed with tough steel giving it heavy protection from fire and theft.
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