The Lowdown on Bathroom Mixer Taps

Mixer taps were invented over 100 Years ago but their location in residential homes has not been popular and noticeable until very recently. Mixer taps operate by mixing cold and hot water from two different valves until the water reaches the socket, therefore allowing ready to use water that is warm in temperature to come out. Mixer layouts have come a long way in the past few decades and are now more preferred than 3-piece tap ware i.e. a hot and cold handle and a spout.

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If you are building a new home or Venturing to a renovation, streamlining the design or enhance the appearance of your home with mixers is an excellent idea. It’s crucial that you pick the mixers you would like to install before plumbing functions as the tub and shower mixer bodies are situated within the wall and should be among the first things to be installed. Many homeowners are not well-informed about the actions involved with a bathroom renovation and are caught out with this specific part of the process which may create some issues in the future especially if you’re made to buy taps which you do not like.

Mixer taps are not contemporary and trendy but they are water efficient and money saver too. In Australia, most mixer kinds are fitted with a flow limiter which limits the flow of the water as much as a 6 star rating that is 41/2 litres per minute see shower mixer taps to learn more on the Australian WELS evaluations¬† and consequently, a fantastic assistance for the nation’s water conservation campaign. Another major advantage of mixer taps Is that they’re easier to use especially for individuals with arthritic hands or any type of soreness in their thumbs, fingers or wrists as they may be pushed off and on easily, even with the rear of the hand- no longer gripping and turning as with regular 3-piece tap ware.

Mixer taps are available in variety of styles for toilet basins and vanities, bathtubs, showers, kitchen sinks and laundry tubs. Basin mixers can be found in swivel and fixed alternatives. A swivel basin mixer is simple to use when brushing your teeth or shaving your face since it is not difficult to find the spout out-of-the-way.