Know The Correct Dosing Guideline For SARM LGD-3303

One of the latest SARM that has been widely used for increasing muscle activity, muscle mass and bone density has known to cause little to no side effects if taken according to the proper dosing guidelines. Therefore, to ensure maximum benefits, here’s a complete dosing regimen for LGD-3303


Pharmacokinetics of LGD-3303

One of the many reasons for the increasing popularity of LGD-3303 was owed to its excellent oral bioavailability. However, it has a comparatively shorter half-life that is about 6 hours. A shorter half life means the increased dosing frequency to maintain the peak plasma concentration of the drug needed to achieve the ultimate effect. Furthermore, the dosing also depends upon the purpose of use intended and is thus varies with scenarios. Generally, the dosing frequency of LGD-3303 is advised to be 3-4 doses per day while the dosage depends upon the ultimate bodybuilding target.


To obtain the prime benefits of any drug it is important to create an accurate plan regarding the dosing regimen. While you can know more about the benefits of LGD-3303 by clicking here, here’s the detailed dosing guidelines for the administration of this SARM.

The dosing of LGD-3303 is based on the bodybuilding objective that involves cutting, bulking and recomping.

To achieve maximum benefits on cutting, a dose that varies between 15mg to 20mg is recommended for 6-8 weeks. Since the cutting phase focuses on cutting fat itself, it is advised to stack LGD-3303 with other equally potent SARM along with a tough exercising routine to see even better results. The stacking of LGD-3303 is most preffered with GW-501516 and LGD-4033.

For optimum bulking effect to increase muscle mass, a dose of 20-30mg per day is advised for 8-10 weeks.

When it comes to recomping, the same dose as bulking is followed for 8-10 weeks.