Which fire extinguisher are you currently using?

There is a Fire, individuals constantly reach for the nearest fire extinguishers, but there are instances when they may be making the problem worse. That is because there Are definite fire extinguishers for specific fires and in case you should use the wrong extinguisher, you may be fuelling the fire, instead of extinguishing it. In some cases

Fire Extinguishers

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Fire extinguishers Come in various colors. There was a time once the extinguisher was created in various colors. But now of the extinguishers are red, but they have different colored stickers on them. The ones that are new are. The various colors Stand for contents of the extinguisher. In case you have got an extinguisher which has a sticker on the extinguisher includes water. Having a yellow ribbon, it might comprise a wet compound, a shameful one includes CO2 and a blue sticker includes dry powder, or M28/L2.


A red fire Extinguisher which includes water may be employed to extinguish fabrics, paper or timber fires. Water cannot be used on another sort of fire since it is going to make the fire worse.

Foam/Wet Chemical

If You have Got a fire Extinguisher with a tag on it, then you will need to confirm the content tag before using it on a fire. This is only because the tag can stand for two distinct things. extinguisher will Contain foam and will extinguish the same with the accession of liquids, petrols and soul fires. If the canister comes with an ABF foam tag on it, then it may be used on fires out of fat and oil. If that one is employed on liquids, then the fire will probably be worse. Make sure you verify which you have got before you attempt to put the fire out.

Dry Powder/M28/L2

If You have Got a canister Using binh chua chay co2 tag you will also need to inspect the tag for that which the canister has inside. If it states dry powder then it is possible to use it on paper, wood, textiles, flammable fluids, gas, spirits, flammable gases and electric equipment. Dry powder Will harm equipment, therefore in the event that you have set the fire out, the equipment may not work. In case you have got a CO2 extinguisher, you need to use that. M28/L2 can be Used on burning compounds, so be certain that you do not use this on another fire. Gas extinguishers, With stickers, may be used on flammable liquid fires and electric equipment fires, nothing. As stated previously, this really is the choice for fires despite the fact that it is possible to use dry powder extinguishers.